Tips For Keeping Dogs Safe During Fireworks

Posted on May 25th, 2022 by Sproxton Hall Cottages

Fireworks during dusk

The nights are drawing in, and summer seems like a distant memory already, the familiar creak and groan of the heating starting up and the jumpers and warm jackets have been dug out of the wardrobe again. October and November bring with them a whole host of seasonal changes as we transition toward winter. For a lot of us, that also means muddy paws that need cleaning after every walk. Some of our fluffier friends might be breathing a (slightly stinky) sigh of relief that we’ve left the warm weather behind, that means they can run around to their hearts’ content without overheating. Welcome to autumn!

But this time of year also brings new challenges for those of us that want to take care of our furry friends. You’ve guessed it… fireworks. This year the fifth of November is on a Thursday, which means that both Halloween and the following weekend are likely to be filled with banging and squeals as fireworks careen through the sky. It might not surprise you that we get a lot of interest in weekend breaks away in our dog-friendly cottages at this time of year!

Any pet owner knows how upsetting fireworks can be and you might be used to the panting, the downcast tail and pulled back ears that shows your dog is anxious. So what can we do to make it a less frightening experience for them? Here are five tips we’ve taken from the RSPCADogs Trust and Blue Cross websites for taking care of your dogs during fireworks. 

Dog hiding under a blanket

1. Create a safe space

This could be a little den, a quiet space, or somewhere your dog can hide. Often, dogs find their own little space underneath tables, under beds or in corners which can help them to feel safe. You could set this up by placing a sheet or towel over the top of a table so that it is darker and feels more secure for your dog.

2. Walk during the day

Make sure that you plan ahead and take your dog for a walk before it starts to get dark, if you can. That way it’s less likely for you both to get a shock while you’re trying to enjoy walkies together.

3. Keep your dog inside once the fireworks start

The last thing you want is your dog getting frightened while they’re exploring the garden. If they get really anxious, this can cause them to try and run off or hurt themselves while they’re outside. It’s best to try to avoid letting them out while the fireworks are going off. If your dog is a puppy or struggles with holding their bladder, it might be a good time to stock up on puppy pads so that you don’t need to worry about any accidents damaging your carpets.

4. Close windows and curtains to keep the noise out

Try to block out as much of the noise as you can. To create a cosy and relaxing environment, you can also play calming music, which should help to block out the sounds of the fireworks and also can help to calm you down! Our pets can pick up on our moods, so if you’re nice and relaxed, this should help them stay calm.

5. Don’t force your pet to do anything they don’t want to

You’ll know your dog best. Do they like to get on the sofa with you for a fuss when they’re frightened, or are they more of a lone wolf that takes themselves off into a little corner? Whatever they prefer, keep calm and let your pet choose how to deal with the stress of the fireworks.